Residential FAQs

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Residential FAQs

Q: Why should I have my windows professionally cleaned?
A: Your windows are one of the most expensive components of your home and you should treat them as an investment.  Professional window cleaning can extend the life of your windows.  Glass is porous so over time, dirt and debris will start to break down the surface (see below regarding broken seals).  Hard water buildup, oxidation, acid rain, etc. can all compromise the health of your windows.  Regular cleanings off-set these environmental problems and keep them shining longer.

Q: How often should I have my windows cleaned?
A: We recommend at least biannual cleanings: once in spring and once in fall.  Cleaning your windows regularly will extend the life of you home’s windows, saving you money in the long run.  Many customers choose a quarterly schedule to keep windows looking good year-round.

Q: How do you price your services?
A: All of our pricing is customized to your home and needs.  We base our window cleaning pricing on window count, terrain and landscaping around your home, height of windows, and any other special circumstances.  We base our gutter cleaning pricing on linear feet of gutters, height and style of roof, safety considerations, and any other special circumstances.  Because all of our pricing is property-specific, we do need an address in order to provide a quote.  We typically try to put a quote together with pictures online to expedite things but will do in-person estimates as needed.  All pricing is complimentary.

Q: What is included with a standard window cleaning?
A: A standard, maintenance window cleaning removes all water-soluble dirt and debris from the glass.  The sills and frames are wiped down to remove and cobwebs, leaves, and dirty water drips.  If you believe you need a deeper clean (paint on glass, sill detailing, track cleaning, screen cleaning, etc.), please inquire about these add-on services.

Q: How does scheduling work?
A: If you are a new customer, service can typically be scheduled within 1-2 weeks.  We also offer emergency scheduling for last minute events.  Once you decide on on-going service, we like to give a courtesy call or email the week of your cleaning so you know to expect us.  You do not need to be present for any exterior-only services.  For interior services, we will work with you to find timing that best fits your schedule and provide you with a 2-hour arrival window.

Q: What do I do about my screens?
A: We request that you remove your screens ahead of time so that we can access your glass.  The exception to this are the spring-loaded or “slider” screens that are installed from the outside.  The crew is able to move these at no additional cost.  Window screens that are inset or have locking mechanisms will need to be handled from inside your home.  The crew is happy to assist you with these types of screens at an additional cost.  Please inquire about “screen handling” if you would like assistance.

Q: How do I pay for service?
A: Your window cleaner will always bring an invoice for the service rendered.  You may pay by cash or check when the work is complete or send a check in the mail within 30-days.  You may also pay by credit or debit card over the phone or online.  If you are not home when the service is completed, we will leave the invoice in your door, or if you prefer, it can be emailed to you.

Q: I’m seeing staining on my windows that doesn’t look like dirt.  What is this stuff?
A: Unfortunately, there are certain window problems that cannot be corrected with a cleaning.  The most common types of permanent damage are:

  1. Broken Seals – the typical residential window is double-paned glass which has a thin layer of air in between the glass. Over time, the seal between these layers can be compromised causing a cloudy/foggy appearance on the glass. Repair is possible but costly, and full replacement is recommended.
  2. Oxidation/Screen Burn – as mentioned above, window glass is porous. When window screens are left in year-round, the sun, rain, snow and environmental elements transfer particles from your screens on to the glass.  Over time, this buildup looks like dulling of your glass.  Luckily, this is completely preventable by having your windows cleaned regularly and also removing your screens during the winter months.  Once oxidation has set in, it can be treated with chemicals but it is time consuming and thus expensive to correct.
  3. Hard Water Buildup – our water in Western PA is almost always hard water, meaning it contains a large amount of solutes and minerals. Much like oxidation in the previous example, when these solutes sit on the porous glass, over time build up can occur causing a cloudiness on the glass.  A similar restoration and polishing process is used to remediate this effect. 

Please remember that all of these types of glass imperfections are not correct-able through a normal window cleaning.  These are beyond surface-level and require additional restoration/remediation.  

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